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Photoland Premium


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What is it?

Photoland Premium is the ultimate photobooth experience, if we do say so ourselves. ;) It's highly personal, incredibly simple, the utmost in quality – and super addictive to play with. Here's how it works:

1. Pick up a custom RFID token at event check-in
2. Automatically receive your personal landing page via email and text message
3. Tap your token at any content opportunity you discover, and strike a pose!
4. Check your personal landing page for real-time content delivery


Step 1:
The RFID Token

When guests arrive at the event, they receive a custom RFID token that's preloaded with their name, email address and phone number. (We can collect this info pre-event or load it in at check-in.) RFID tokens come in all shapes and sizes – from actual wooden tokens and custom trinkets to simple wristbands and hotel-style keycards.


Then, as they explore the event, guests can use their token to trigger each content activation, which welcomes them by name, saves all resulting content to their personal landing page, and even offers to text or email it to them for immediate sharing. (No typing required – the token already knows this info.)

Photoland has a custom guestlist management app to facilitate event check-ins at less than 30 seconds per person (multiplied by the number of check-in stations; we've managed up to 18 at once). It also supports Eventbrite integration, which means a guest's ticketing info can automatically fill the personal info fields in our Photoland database.

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Step 2:
Instantaneous, personalized communications

Once checked in, guests receive an auto-generated email and text message welcoming them to the event. These messages also contain a link to their personal landing page, which automatically collects and showcases all the photos, videos, and GIFs they'll create throughout the event – so they never even have to type in their email address or phone number to receive a piece of content.

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Step 3:
Tap your token

As guests explore the event, they'll stumble upon content opportunities where they can simply tap their RFID token and a nearby touchscreen will welcome them by name and ask if any other friends want to tap into the experience as well. Once everyone has tapped in, the touchscreen simply walks them through the content op like a normal photobooth. 

Except unlike a normal photobooth, the resulting content is automatically saved on the personal landing pages of everyone who tapped in. 

Want the content texted or emailed instead? No problem, guests can just tap the button and Photoland automatically sends the content to everyone however they chose – no manually entering email addresses or phone numbers, since the system already has that info.

(Spoiler: This is the part everyone says feels like magic.)


Step 4:
Every kind of content imaginable

On-the-fly GIF and Boomerang creation. Real-time, automated video editing. Custom photo filters and image overlays. Or simple, clean portraits. If you have an idea, we have a way to make it happen.


From any kind of set imaginable

From a simple seamless backdrop to a full-on set build, our creative and production teams can help you imagine the perfect opportunities for your event - and then turn around and bring them to life. 

Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning:

  • Feature film-quality set builds
  • Hidden camera placement behind walls or in props
  • Overhead or long-distance camera mounting
  • Camera-triggered lighting effects
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A whole new level of ROI

Our Photoland Premium brand partners have reported increases in all areas of their event/experiential metrics, such as:

  • Greater content creation due to guests' enjoyment of engaging with the Photoland system
  • Higher content interaction due to the seamless delivery of share-friendly content (no entering email addresses or phone numbers each time to deter sharing)
  • Meaningful brand keepsake in the form of an RFID token that guests want to hang onto long after the event is over
  • Unparalleled post-event engagement thanks to a follow-up email inviting guests to revisit their personal landing page

Want to integrate Photoland into your event/experience? Shoot us a message and let's chat about how we can help!

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