An award-winning event photobooth platform that creates and delivers the absolute best content for social sharing

Photoland Studio

Built for photo, video or GIF. Ready for custom overlays and filters. Delivered via print, email and MMS. With options for a human photographer or self-guided experience. And much, much more.


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How it works


Choose whether you want a professional photographer to capture guests in the scene, or you'd prefer guests to trigger the experience themselves (like a standard photobooth). Guests then move to a touchscreen podium where they can easily select one or more portraits and choose between delivery options: professional prints, email or MMS – or all three!

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Any kind of content imaginable

On-the-fly GIF and Boomerang creation. Real-time, automated video editing. Custom photo filters and image overlays. Or simple, clean portraits. If you have an idea, we have a way to make it happen.


Customize your photo set

From a simple seamless backdrop to a full-on set build, our creative and production teams can help you imagine the perfect opportunities for your event - and then turn around and bring them to life. 

Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning:

  • Feature film-quality set builds
  • Hidden camera placement behind walls or in props
  • Overhead or long-distance camera mounting
  • Camera-triggered lighting effects
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Get your studio on

Photoland Studio is a comprehensive solution that includes everything you need for content creation and delivery at your next event. Whether you want a human photographer or a standalone photo booth, a clean image or a custom photo overlay, a seamless backdrop or a full-on set build – or even something entirely bigger than what's described here – reach out with what you're thinking and we'll help create just the right experience for you.

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